Thanks to

I wish to thank for their collaboration all the people who have contributed, to greater or lesser extent, to making this website possible. The same goes for the earlier studies and texts concerning the artist, which have been essential for its creation.

I also wish to welcome those who want to join this project dedicated to the recovery of his artistic legacy as well as to the diffusion of his work.

And, of course, our thanks go to Carlos Mensa and his art, the genuine cohesive element, capable of rallying the effort and admiration of so many people.

Margarita Nuez, Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman, Carlos Basteiro, Simona Bellati, Joan Ramon Bonet, Glòria Bosch, Josep Casamartina, Camilo José Cela Conde, Jose Ángel Conde ( Josef A), Copia, Creactivitat, EGM, Maria Luisa Esteban, Silvia Gasull, Ramón Giner,  Dustin Langan, Claudia Lauro,  Francesco Luti, Efrén Montoya, Matias Nadal,  Marcel Noll, Alfredo Paglione, Pep Pinya, Pere Pratdesaba, Elia Quiñones, Ananda Rios, Alex Rios, Didi Schupp Evdokimoff, Michiel Tegelaars, Galo Tobias, Iñaki Tofiño, Beatriz Laura Viñas.