Carlos Mensa

‘There are works by some artists that admit no middle ground, no easy accommodation to our preferences, no calm compliance with elements of pictorial creation and no measure of interest in other areas of artistic intentionality. These are paintings that take hold of us, openly captivate us or, to the contrary, repel us and fill us with lasting and intense disgust.

‘I think that something of the kind occurs in the work of Carlos Mensa. His paintings captivate us, move us and open a landscape of ideas before us. However, they can also set us on edge and bother us uncontrollably. His work is powerful and direct and rejects that placidity tinged with indifference that some prefer in art today.


‘The tension, the degradation of the clichés that fill our social sphere and the strange symbolism that he conveys through his canvases are all key factors for ensnaring viewers in the mysterious web of his art. Joining this set of intentions and approaches is something truly basic, but rarely achieved: the impeccable execution of his paintings’.